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GlassClean™ – 32 oz
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USA Nanocoat’s GlassClean™ is a water-based cleaner for glass that utilizes aluminum oxide to create a clean surface to promote adhesion. The hydrophilic property that is present after cleaning indicates the glass is free of oils and other contaminants, ready for a nanocoating to be applied to the surface. GlassClean not only degreases but also slightly abrades the surface, allowing for any light surface stains or watermarks to be removed. Recommended using for surface preparation before application of the Glass & Ceramics, USA Nanocoat MicroClean, or the Perma-Clean Line of products. It can also be used alone as a glass cleaner.



  • Windows
  • Windshields
  • Mirrors
  • Shower Doors
  • Countertops


  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Removes light surface staining

Application & Storage

Application: Shake before use. Pour cleaning solution onto a buffing pad or microfiber cloth. Using a pump spray bottle, mist water onto the glass in multiple areas and apply cleaner in circular motions (see Fig.1). Use water and clean towels to remove excess glass cleaner (see Fig. 2).



Verification: Once glass cleaner has been completely removed from the surface, spray water on the surface to identify a hydrophilic surface. If the water spreads out across the surface, the surface has been cleaned thoroughly and is ready to be coated. If the water beads up on the surface, reapply glass cleaner and verify again by water spray test (see Fig. 3).

Storage: 1-year shelf life stored in a tightly sealed container out of sunlight in a dry place. Do not allow product to freeze.

Consumption: 32 oz/2,450 ft2 [225m2], 8 oz/560ft2 [50m2]

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